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1. NN in Aries

2. NN in Taurus

3. NN in Gemini

4. NN in Cancer

5. NN in Leo

6. NN in Virgo

7. NN in Libra

8. NN in Scorpio

9. NN in Sagittarius

10. NN in Capricorn

11. NN in Aquarius

12. NN in Pisces



There are these precious rare moments in life, where we realize all of a sudden that something which was known before changes into the quality of "knowing for real". I guess this is what is called "Realization". There is a difference between “knowing” and “Knowing”. We might “know” something is a fact, without ever really “Knowing” it. We might know from observation, in our heads, and mentally, that such and such a thing is true. In astrology this goes for so many factors of delineation, for instance when understanding the modus operandi of the planets.  And then there comes a day, when realization occurs, in all the pores of our body, and we get this feeling of Knowing without any doubt.

Knowing with the mind, is not really knowing for sure, but Knowing from Realization, is knowing for sure. It has such a different quality from “just knowing” ; we probably all have had experiences like this.

In fact, whenever I think of the Hindu philosophy where Self Realization equals the realization of a Self beyond the physical senses, I keep thinking, yes, but can any such Realization occur without the body experiencing it?  Ultimately, we may need the body to transcend the body. All real knowledge in life (and about life) seems to come from experience. Experiences are physical. Without actually having physically lived through any planetary transit, we might never understand a specific transit for real.   

Most of us in astrology have learned that the South Node equals modes of being from the past, and the North Node the opposite: i.e. it indicates modes of behaviour and experiences to develop in this lifetime at one point or another. I am using this theory because it makes sense and it works in my counseling practice.

Not very long ago, I realized I had reached my destination in life. In fact, this is a pretty awesome realization, because how often don’t we wonder about what our destiny is, what our dharma really is in life?  We travel wide and far and are often sidetracked, and some of us might never get to this sense of one’s real destiny. I’ve been an astrologer for most of my life. Astrology was the lever for my spiritual path and for a long time I pursued the spiritual path with more fervor than astrology itself, so it seemed. Then things went wrong, utterly wrong in my life, and I could not figure out why. The fact is, I still can’t today. I can only think of one thing: after all of my pursuits went wrong, with me nearly broke, on the physical, emotional and spiritual level, I started afresh on the astrological path, and lo and behold, things seemed to work out all of a sudden, after ten years of going haywire in all kinds of directions. I realized all of a sudden, that maybe that was it, maybe this lifetime for me wasn’t meant to pursue the spiritual path only, maybe I had to get back on the path of astrology, become independent and live of it wholesale. And guess what: my North Node is in Aquarius in the 2nd house.

This whole change in destiny started with a heavy transit of Uranus conjunct my Sun, the South Node ruler and intensified with transits of Uranus on the North Node.

And then I thought to myself: what if all people live in the South Node for the first half of their lives, and have to go through a transit or progression (or maybe a series of them), of the North Node Ruler or North Node itself, to actually get on the path of their destiny? What if most people don’t get to the North Node, to their destiny, before they are 35,  42, or 45? And so I decided to check this.   I decided to make quick profiles for the Nodes in all the 12 houses and check charts in the Pathfinder database.  Thus 144 interpretations of North Node positions were developed.  

The major part of this was written at the end of the last century. Before I will loose it forever as these are just sitting doing nothing in my computer, I will now and again make these interpretations available on the web, as and when time permits. This is just the introduction, I will announce when the first chapter of the NN in Aries in all the 12 houses is published in a weekahead. PS: I am slow. I have the Moon itself in Taurus:-)

Joyce Hoen DF Astrol S (©)

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