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Astrologers usually don't take any notice of Mercury transits because these occur too frequently and seem  too superficial to most astrologers. What after all, does one more telephone call or one more e-mail mean in a world where we are inundated with telephone-calls and other information overloads and too busy for words.  However, precisely because our lives are so busy it is good to plan your year in advance knowing exactly when you feel like a holiday, or when you should not go out driving. The Mercury appointment calender consists of timeperiods with texts describing what you can expect during such a timeframe and thus can help you to plan your activities and schedules better. The cost for one year is $ 10.00.

Email me with your precise birthdata if you want to order, at chta @, I will then proceed to send you a Paypal invoice (which you can just pay with any creditcard) . The Mercury Appointment calendar will be send to you by email, either in a .doc or PDF format or by plain email (whatever you prefer).

In November 2010 I gave a wellreceived lecture on the Mercury transit cycle for the BreakingDowntheBorders Conference. A video of this talk is available at $5.00 - email me at chta

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