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Zondag 22 september 2019

Deze informatie is bedoeld voor mensen met minimaal basiskennis van de astrologie.
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Mercurius vierkant Saturnus

Om 6.49 uur komt de Maan in Kreeft, dus deze zondag zou een heel huiselijke zondag kunnen zijn.

Pas om 16.29 uur maakt de Maan een aspectje: een sextiel met Uranus en in het kader van het vierkant tussen Mercurius en Saturnus zou dat kunnen betekenen dat je het met iemand over astrologie hebt (of zelf verder gaat met je studie) om vervolgens niet uit je woorden te komen... ik weet er alles van want ik ben geboren met het doodvermoeiende vierkant tussen Mercurius en Saturnus:-) Vandaag exact om 18.18 uur. (De Maan maakt morgenvroeg een verbinding met dit vierkant).

Alan Clay komt 13 oktober naar Gorssel om over het potentieel van Sedna te spreken, eind komende week ga ik, ongekend lang voor mijn doen, twee weken met Miss Marple naar de Eiffel, dus het zou best mooi zijn als mensen die willen komen zich nu alvast inschrijven:-) We plaatsen onlangs een artikel van hem op deze daily, en met zijn toestemming hier deel 2:

Dwarf Planet Astrology
A Consciousness Revolution
by Alan Clay

This is the second part of my article in the first part I looked at the innermost and outermost dwarf planets, Ceres and Sedna. And at the Plutinos, Pluto, Ixion and Orcus.

On the Spiritual Path

All the trans-Neptunian dwarfs refer to a spiritual path, but as a way to understand these new energies in our lives we can see Haumea, Ouaoar and Varuna as having something in common in their deep spiritual perspective.


Haumea is named after a Polynesian creation goddess. She represents a focus point through which spiritual birth or rebirth can be accessed and experienced. Linda Lee Berry suggests “she opens doors within us and that her energy is alive with spirit and in touch with the magic of being.” (

And keywordsfrom Francesco Schiavinottoon Zane Stein’s site suggests: “she is always searching for spiritual answers, so she can indicate mystical awareness and spiritual wealth and bring us the insight to see the divinity of human beings and the oneness of existence. She can have a profound idealism, a passionate belief in the humanising and social function of art and a sense of freedom as the highest principle.” (

The Sabian symbol for the discovery degree, Libra 13, is ‘Children blowing soap bubbles’. Marc Edmond Jones interprets this in his book on The Sabian Symbols in Astrology (Aurora Press, 1953) as: “The keyword is enchantment. When positive, the degree is a consistent simplicity of character which enables anyone to maintain his touch with a transcendental magic of being, and when negative, a constant and idle daydreaming.”


The name, Quaoar, comes from the creation mythology of the Tongva people, the indigenous inhabitants of what is today the Los Angeles area of California. In their mythology, Quaoar, the great force of creation, sings and dances the gods into existence, so he represents the new reality created in that process.

Richard Browntells us that “Quaoar represents the metaphysical process wherein material form is created out of chaos. He urges us to question, construct, clarify and reveal and gives us the potential to take the cosmic chaos and bring it into form, thereby creating a new reality. Positively placed it brings creativity, inspiration and a forward-looking perspective. And when negatively placed it can show where and how our egos can bungle chaos and snarl us up in a soap opera.” (

In my early work with Quaoar I’ve noticed that the singing and dancing theme often shows up literally in people’s lives when the planet is prominent in the chart as a passion for song and dance.


Eric Francis explains that “Varuna is named for a supreme pre-Vedic creation deity who was demoted to the lord of waters by subsequent kingdoms. He is the god of oceans, and is shown as a fair complexioned man riding a monster fish called Makara, which has the head and legs of an antelope. He may have two or four hands and in one of his right hands he carries a noose.” (

So Varuna deals with questions of the gain and loss of reputation and the issue of immortality through fame. Juan Revillais quoted on Angel Eowyn’ssite as saying Varuna is “something that is quite literally behind everything.” And she goes on to explain that his “energy seems closest to what we think of as God, the all-knowing cosmic entity that exists silently behind consciousness and events.” (

I find in the chart he indicates our notability, the place where we embrace our spiritual destiny with sufficient leadership that it impacts on others and brings us to public attention.

The Spiritual Stirrers

The last two dwarf planets I will mention here are Makemake and Eris, two spiritual tricksters similar to the fools of the Sufi tradition.


Makemake is named after the Creator God of the people of Easter Island. He was born from a floating skull that was washed from a temple into the sea and he created the first humans by mounding up some earth from which he formed three males and one female. He was the god of fertility and the chief god of the bird-man cult which succeeded the era when the famous stone heads were carved. He brought flocks of migratory seabirds to the island and was responsible for the fertility of food plants and fowls.

I have found Makemake to be a divine trickster, allowing us to experiment with the area of life signified by his position in the chart. And keywords on Zane Stein’s site suggest that he “brings a narrowness of focus which permits extreme talent in that area, a devotional focus that can come however at the expense of neglecting other areas.” (

Stressful aspects can bring out the more negative side, which Philip Sedgwick describes using keywords such as: “being reckless and self-serving, being verbally manipulative, engaging in double talk and diversion of facts, and taking flight to avoid consequence, or hiding as a coping skill.” However he believes Makemake can also make us “articulate, communicative and self-assured, especially by verbally. His energy is clever, quick-witted and interested in invoking insight and inspiration.” (


And finally, Eris, the goddess of discord, who in mythology started the Trojan War by causing the Judgement of Paris. The other goddesses had been invited along with the rest of Olympus to a wedding, but Eris had been snubbed because of her troublemaking inclinations. She therefore tossed into the party the Apple of Discord, a golden-apple inscribed in Ancient Greek: "For the most beautiful one", provoking the goddesses to begin quarrelling about the appropriate recipient.

Nick Anthony Fiorenza tells us that “Eris provokes change by upsetting our limiting and antiquated structures of consciousness, opening us to see beyond the finite bounds of our current perception, beyond the bounds we place on ourselves, arousing and challenging us in the process and catalysing significant shifts in our lives in the process.” (

We need discord to grow. It’s only in the to-and-fro of opposing points of view that change occurs. Eris doesn’t really cause trouble she just shines a light on the need for change by provoking our natural reactions so we can see where they lead.

Dwarf Planets and Social Change

Embracing the dwarf planet energies in our lives will involve a consciousness revolution and in my book ‘Sedna Consciousness, the Soul’s Path of Destiny’I’ve suggested that we’re in a real do-or-die transcendence challenge over the next fifty something years as Sedna approaches her closest point to Earth in 2076 in the sign of Cancer and climate change either hits the fan and wipes the slate clean, or we become conscious enough to avoid this.

Obviously a consciousness revolution entails social revolution, because as we grow in consciousness our understanding of our interconnectedness grows and the old social systems don’t answer our needs.

Eris has the major role to play here in freeing up these constraints, by creating discord, presenting opposing points of view, catalysing the bigots and fundamentalists to show their hand and play their cards, so we can all see how primitive those ideas are. And these are the ideas that shaped our social systems, so when it becomes obvious that these systems aren’t answering our needs, we have to re-examine them. Humanity desperately needs this new consciousness energy to survive the current evolutionary crisis, that’s why all the dwarf planets have been discovered now.

Spiritual Stepping Stones

I like to think that we can look at the dwarfs as spiritual stepping stones to Sedna consciousness. They are each aspects of consciousness that we need to develop to get there.

Emerging from the Saturnian material world, the path begins with the intuition of Uranus and vision of Neptune, setting the context for the dwarf planet stepping stones: allowing transformation with Pluto; finding the willful spiritual passion of Ixion; embracing the investigative whistleblowing of Orcus; developing the devotion of Makemake; passing through the rebirth of Haumea; taking on a leadership role with Varuna; and yet finding new perspectives with Quaoar and embracing discord with Eris… And finally reaching Sedna, which I personally see at the highest level as being spiritual destiny and transpersonal consciousness.

Transpersonal consciousness may seem an alien concept to many of us and perhaps not such an attractive reward for all the hard work required to attain it, but to help us understand this I would suggest it is what James Lovelock, the father of Gaia theory, was talking about when he said optimistically in a newspaper interview at the age of eighty nine, talking about climate change:

"There have been seven disasters since humans came on the earth, very similar to the one that's just about to happen. I think these events keep separating the wheat from the chaff. And eventually we'll have a human on the planet that really does understand it and can live with it properly. That's the source of my optimism.” (Guardian Newspaper. 1st March 2008).

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Hieronder: Hugo Schooneveld, Elektrostress handboek (Leren omgaan met ziekmakende elektromagnetische velden) . Het ligt in mijn bedoeling om deze week nog één van de 5G horoscopen te bekijken:


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